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Your voice is important
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Your Voice Is The Most Important In Protecting and Promoting Our Industry!


The WLRA exists solely to protect, promote and serve Wyoming’s hospitality and tourism industry. It is the voice of our membership that defines our focus and guides the direction that we take. What are the biggest challenges that you face with your business? What would you like to see changed in Wyoming that would make doing business more efficient or more profitable? Many of the WLRA’s most impactful legislative victories have originated directly from member feedback. The Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association has been successful as the voice of Wyoming’s hospitality industry for more than 50 years solely because of the support of our membership. If you are not currently a member, please consider joining today. If you are a current member please consider becoming more involved. There are many ways to get involved with the WLRA and the continued health of our industry depends on your involvement. To become a WLRA member please contact WLRA Sales and Membership Director Tom Miller at or (307)634-8816 x 204

Legislative Involvement
Do your elected officials know you? Do you know them? If a bill or initiative that would significantly benefit or harm your business came up for consideration do you know who or how to contact those that represent you? In Wyoming we are so fortunate to have a citizen legislature. That means that Wyoming’s legislature is comprised of house and senate members that work regular jobs when not in session. We are extremely fortunate that our representatives and senators are also neighbors within our communities and they WANT and NEED to hear from you!
With the myriad of bills that they debate not only during the session, but also throughout the interim months, there is no way for those that represent us at the capital to be an expert on every subject. That is why they rely on experts within the field of consideration for information. Getting to know your legislator is simple. You can find out who your legislators are and how to contact them here Once you know who they are and how to get ahold of them, give them a call or send them an email inviting them to come take a quick tour of your business. Nothing provides more information than a quick tour while hearing directly about the successes and challenges local business owners encounter. You can also give them a call and simply meet for a cup of coffee. It really is that easy-and that important. Developing a relationship with those that represent you is essential to having your voice heard when decisions are being made that will directly impact your business.

Get Involved Today!
The importance of being involved in the WLRA from both a membership and legislative perspective cannot be over stated. Please send WLRA Executive Director Chris Brown an email at or call him directly at (307) 634-8816 x 207 to find out how easy and impactful it is to engage. The continued health and success of our industry depends on our collective voice!

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