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WLRA Government Positions
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Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant Association (WLRA) Positions


Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant Association (WLRA) Positions


  • WLRA supports the local option lodging tax to be used for tourism promotion and opposes the use of the lodging tax for general-purpose operations that should be supported by general taxes.
  • WLRA opposes tax breaks or special tiers for residential property that could result in commercial property tax increases.
  • WLRA supports the current vendor compensation whereby a portion or percentage of the sales tax is returned to the collector as reimbursement for that service.
  • WLRA opposes gasoline tax increases that are not earmarked for highways.


Employment Related

  • WLRA supports keeping Wyoming minimum wage law the same as the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • WLRA supports revising the Wyoming tip sharing statute to match the federal law.
  • WLRA members have been unable to fill entry level and supervisory positions with qualified people.  WLRA urges educators and job programs at all levels to consult with business to find ways to more effectively train the workforce in reading, writing, math and behavioral skills that will ensure their success in the workforce.
  • WLRA supports the University of Wyoming's Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Degree Program.
  • WLRA members are willing to participate in these programs and can offer their experience from their training experiences.
  • WLRA supports school to work programs.
  • WLRA supports the Workers' Compensation Division in their efforts to maximize investment opportunities in order to strengthen the fund.  WLRA will work to minimize rate increases for members by encouraging legislation that streamlines the system and prevents fraud.
  • WLRA supports safety discount programs with a minimum of red tape and experience rating based on reasonable loss reserves. WLRA will continue to monitor the administrative system as it changes and report difficulties as they occur.
  • WLRA opposes changes to the Workers Compensation laws that could raise rates in ways that will negatively affect employers and employees.


Health Care Reform

  • WLRA supports the following principles for health care reform at the state level:  Reform should not mandate increased benefits that must be offered by all Insurance policies.
  • WLRA is cautious about basic or minimum benefit packages.
  • Managed care options within reason should be encouraged.
  • Reforms should focus on the cost of health care.


State Government Support

  • WLRA fully supports the Wyoming Office of Tourism for their expertise in marketing Wyoming as a vacation destination and for assisting local communities with their expertise. 
  • WLRA supports the Governor's Food Safety Council and supports the positions of the National Restaurant Association and a food safety system that works to protect the public and restaurants.
  • WLRA commends the Wyoming Environmental Health Association and the Wyoming Consumer Health Division for providing sanitation and food handling seminars and will continue joint efforts to promote food safety in Wyoming.
  • WLRA supports the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's consumptive and non-consumptive use of Wyoming's resources.
  • WLRA supports the Wildlife Trust Fund to preserve Wyoming's wildlife heritage. WLRA believes that Wyoming's wildlife population plays an important role in encouraging tourists to visit our State.
  • WLRA supports Wyoming State Parks and Cultural resources and their long range planning for state museums, parks and national parks to insure adequate maintenance.



  • WLRA favors amending the Wyoming Constitution to allow the legislature to debate the limitation of damages.
  • WLRA opposes Illegal Immigration legislation at the state level since the federal government regulates immigration.
  • WLRA members are aware that significant additional dollars have been added to the educational system in Wyoming. As a result, WLRA supports accountability programs including baseline testing, teacher accountability and other programs to strengthen the educational system in Wyoming.
  • WLRA supports efforts to build tolerance and understanding among the citizens of Wyoming and to attack hatred and bigotry wherever it exists. The Tourism industry actively solicits and welcomes guests from all countries, lifestyles and backgrounds. WLRA supports broad based hate crime legislation and will carefully review the particulars of all proposed legislation.
  • WLRA supports active participation by the Legislature, Wyoming Business Council, Governor and Congressional Delegation to insure adequate air service to Wyoming communities.
  • WLRA supports lobbyist accountability and ethics laws as long as all parties are treated fairly and unreasonable burdens are not placed on the hospitality industry and its representatives.
  • WLRA encourages the multiple use of public lands.
  • WLRA continues to encourage members to use recycling programs.
  • WLRA encourages enforcement of state and local regulations and additional legislation to fight unfair competition from non-profit and governmental entities affecting lodging and restaurants.
  • WLRA encourages school districts, community colleges and the University of Wyoming to commence the school year after Labor Day and end by Memorial Day.


Federal Issues

  • WLRA supports reasonable per diem rates for Government travelers
  • WLRA supports the J1and H2B Foreign Work Visa Programs.
  • WLRA supports addressing the backlog of deferred maintenance at our national parks.
  • WLRA supports fully funding Brand USA to continue to successsfully market the Unites States internationally.


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