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WLRA Membership Information
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A network, a voice, and a rich source of business resources are ingredients for success in the lodging and restaurant business. That’s why joining the Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association is one of the best investments you can make!


Action & Advocacy

The WLRA is the only group representing, protecting and serving the hospitality industry in Wyoming.  Our mission is to improve the political, economic and business climate for Wyoming’s restaurants and lodging properties.  Our efforts have increased tourism funding driving more business to Wyoming, helped you save on tax remittance with the vendors compensation bill and defended against harmful labor, tax and audit bills just to name a few.  The WLRA is the only group with their hand on the pulse of the Wyoming Legislature 365 days a year with the success of your business top of mind.  

Our initiatives have:

  • Saved you up to $6,000 per year on sales tax remittance with the vendor's compensation bill.
  • Increased tourism funding to bring more business.
  • Stopped unrealistic increases to the minimum wage.
  • Implemented, protected and maintained a local option lodging tax.
  • Stopped harmful labor, worker's compensation and unemployment laws.


The WLRA will act as your eyes, ears and voice to protect you while you focus on your business.  We make sure government officials and lawmakers have the input of our industry when they are making decisions.  We also strive to keep you current on the ever-changing climate that your business operates within. Our monthly E-newsletters and customized emails provide the details of any and all industry happenings.  We are your “One Stop Shop” for any business related questions that may arise.  Any questions about operating in Wyoming that you may have, the staff at the WLRA, with more than 20 years of industry experience, are just a phone call away.  If we don’t know the answer immediately, we will get back to you within one business day.   

Money Saving Benefits

The WLRA partners with many providers to offer exclusive money saving benefits and perks to our members.  The benefits WLRA members are entitled to include:

  • Business Solutions (Accounting, HR, Payroll, IT services) from Avitus Group
  • POS, Liquor Control & Surveillance from Meritage Technologies
  • Customer Engagement Platforms from Fishbowl Marketing
  • Recruiting services from H-Careers
  • Payment Processing from Heartland Payment Solutions
  • Special member pricing on wage/salary surveys from WageWatch
  • Member discounts from Staples Office Supplies
  • Music Licensing Discounts With BMI
  • POS Discounts with Inntender
  • Regional Industry Data and Reporting Discounts with Smith Travel Research (STR)

Your membership more than pays for itself if you take advantage of valuable discounts and opportunities offered by our Allied Members through these discount programs. Membership in WLRA doesn’t cost----it pays!!!


Call Tom Miller about any of these programs at 307-634-8816, ext 204 or


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