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Don’t expect Airbnb, VRBO to collect taxes for you


In the Fall of 2016 the WLRA met with the Wyoming Dept. of Revenue (DOR) to express concern that Airbnb was not collecting and remitting taxes on their rentals.  We learned then that the DOR was working on an agreement with Airbnb and we believed that Airbnb and the State of Wyoming would reach a deal by which Airbnb would collect taxes on behalf of Wyoming property owners. It has recently come to our attention that there will not be an agreement in effect in time for the Total Solar Eclipse happening this August.


As a result, property owners providing overnight accommodations are responsible for collecting lodging and sales taxes for their rentals. We would also like to remind you that’s tiered services do not all collect taxes on behalf of the lodging clients that they work with.


For these reasons, it is imperative that anyone selling overnight accommodations acquires a sales tax license and is collecting and remitting the appropriate taxes if they decide to host people on their property for the eclipse. Find more resources at the Wyoming Dept. of Revenue’s page here:


If folks plan on selling items but not providing lodging, they are still required to acquire a sales tax license and collect taxes. Please visit


Contact Beth Schieffer, Wyoming Department of Revenue’s local representative, with questions:

 307-856- 1185,


Please feel free to pass this along to anyone in your community that may have questions about providing overnight accommodations or merchandise sales during the Eclipse later this summer.

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